Best Wear offers internships to those curious students or recent graduates who are talented and would love to experience to see the fashion industry behind the scenes. We offer many types of internships, in order to make it simple, we made a list of options you have as a professional:


Internship Fashion management

For the visionary and active, creative and relational, for someone with a charismatic personality. You will help create, preserve, and shape the identity of Best Wear, one who speaks to the subconscious and wins the battle in the consumers’ minds. You will also work together with the other departments to make sure ‘the engine’ works properly. Apply now!


Internship fashion styling & development

The heart of the company, without you we are meaningless!
Help and learn how to develop perfect fitting samples together with your styling team. You will work closely together with the production department. Your creativity and fashion design skills are being tested in a commercial way.


internship fashion marketing + Graphic

Your marketing skills are key to manage and create beautiful portfolio’s for our sales team. Creating marketing strategies, photos and visuals are your passion. You will work with Adobe Creative Suite a professional Photo-Studio and manage the online marketing (Social Media, Website, Etc.)


internship logistics

Work together with your team in the Logistics Department, you will help organize shipping and more. You are able to work with excel and you empower the team in managing the supply-chain.