Best Wear is a Dutch company with expertise in developing fashionable styles. 

We have a long tradition in managing effective production lines between China, Europe, South America and the United States.

Development & styling

Using a design, grading and monitoring system known as the Gerber Technology, Best Wear's designers are ready to meet fashion changes and trends.

Our employees are experienced and ready to work with specific demands from customers. Best Wear is a company devoted to researching and producing new fashion trends.


We product with a competitive price-performance ratio and fast delivery times. 

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Our in-house trained employees organize the specific packing instructions and shipping procedure.

The entire forwarding, customized handling and warehouse keeping between Asia, Europe, Brazil & The United States is coordinated by Best Wear.


  • Best Wear is a so called โ€˜Full Service Fashion Production Houseโ€™ founded in 2009. The founder of Best Wear has a long-time experience in every aspect of the Fashion Production Industry. Over the years she developed a desire to merge development, production and handling/logistics. Best Wear was born.

  • As we are supplier of many online shops, including the traditionally biggest mail-ordering company of the world, we dare to mention that our services are of certain high standard. We take care of your fashion business regarding the entire design, manufacturing and logistical process within the Outerwear Industry.

  • Every year we develop around one-hundred various styles which are produced in our factories. Our strength lies in the fact that we constantly check and re-check every little detail to ensure a good service to our customers.

Fashion Development & Styling

  • Our in-house stylists work with Gerber Technology and Accumark Explorer, a pattern design and grading software. This makes us very compatible regarding other companies. For you as a customer this results in a quick delivery of your specific order.


  • Our team of stylists are professionally trained in the design & development process of fashion styles in any size. Best Wear is known to maintain a quality while maintaining a strict deadline. Over the decades Best Wear collaborated with the traditional largest online mail ordering company.


Our team of professionals design every year numerous styles, all different and unique in their specific qualities. We make sure the entire design process regarding, patterns, fabrics and fittings are carefully checked, to create a style which is ready to meet the customers demands.
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Our service includes shipping worldwide. We offer shipments via sea, air and road. 
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